Group Camping Checklist


 Group Camping Checklist

This is a group, camping.  The checklist for group camping can be separated into personal items and group items. Below is a checklist that can be used as a guide. You may not need everything on the list, and you shouldn’t try to take something just because it’s on the list. If it doesn’t make sense, don’t take it.

As with our other camping checklists, this is only a suggestion. Add and delete items as your condition dictate. It makes little sense to bring swim suite in the fall, or where there is no water to swim in.  Leave ’em home!

Personal Items


First-Aid Kit

Water Bottle or Canteen

Flashlight w/extra batteries/bulb

Matches in waterproof container

Candle or Fire Starters & Lighter

Map and Compass


Metal Signaling Mirror

Pencil & Paper

50′ Nylon Cord, Rope, Twine

Snacks / Trail Food

Sunscreen & Sunglasses

Insect Repellent

Plastic Bags

Emergency Blanket

Clothing for Season

Rain Gear

Hiking Boots or sturdy Shoes

Shirts, Pants, Shorts Sweater or warm Jacket

Socks, Underwear + Extras

Hat (for blocking sun/rain)

Winter Mittens,

Hat, Coat

Duct Tape




Camera & extra batteries and photo card

Extra shoes shower shoes or flip flops

Camp Chair

Hand Warmers

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Pad


Toilet Paper

Hand Sanitizer

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Dental Floss

Towel & Washcloth


Group Gear

Tent, Stakes, Ground cloth / Tarp

Dining Fly

Nylon Cord, Rope, Twine

Camp Stove(s)

Fuel, Lighter

Lantern and Fuel

Water Container (1 gal/person/day)

Portable Camp Table

Camp Shovel

Camp Saw

Hatchet or Ax

Repair Kit (thread, needles, pins)

First Aid Kit

Cooking Kit

  • Pots, Pans,
  • Griddle
  • Spatula,
  • Spoon,
  • Ladle,
  • Seasoning
  • Ketchup and Condiments
  • Handles or Tongs
  • Skewers




Scouring pads

Garbage bags


Cooking kit & utensils

Eating utensils

Cup, Bowl, Plate per camper

Dish soap

Group items should be assigned to 2 or more campers. This helps to ensure nothing on the group camping checklist is missed.  Personal items are the responsibility of the individual camper. However, there should be agreement among the party that if one camper is having difficulty gathering an item of gear, and there is another camper who may well have duplicates of an item and can share, it’s OK to say something. This is all about being creative when camping.

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