Segways Take to the Trails


There they go!

I’ll admit that I chuckled when I read a recent article on about how Segways are set to take to the trails. Nothing would be stranger to me than seeing a group on Segways coming around the bend out on a wilderness trail. I was surprised the first time we were passed by a group on mountain bikes, but Segways? Oh My! When I thought about it a little longer, why not. If it doesn’t tear up the trail it may just provide an outdoor experience that some people may not otherwise enjoy. If you’ve ever ridden a Segway though you would probably agree that these are not for all people on all terrains. I imagine grandfathers in Bermuda shorts and grandmothers in their “traveling” outfits moseying down a nice flat pathway. Rocky inclines, probably not. But you never know!

Allagash Wilderness Waterway Adventure – September 2011

Allagash Wilderness Waterway - A view above Allagash Falls

This is the view above Allagash Falls from the portage take out just before sunset. Water. Lots of water. Moose.

Allagash Wilderness Waterway - Lake Loons on Round Pond

Lake Loons on Round Pond. From Back Channel campsite.

The Adirondacks – Canoeing at Raquette Lake, NY

Camper Jim paddling on Raquette Lake New York

Our day starts in a misty fog in mid September. We seem to have beaten the crowds by starting out after the Summer rush.

The state-maintained lean-to campsites around the lake are really beautiful – and we had almost total privacy. One tip, paddle to the campsite early and stake your claim. A lot of paddlers passed us by looking for our spot on the big island. Getting there early gave us lots of relax time and food preparation time. Seems like we do a lot of food prep on camping trips. We’ll discuss preparing gourmet campsite meals elsewhere. I think it’s enough to say, “we eat pretty well while camping.”

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Shower Heads That are Most in Demand in the Tropics

A shower is a great way to relax and unwind after a long hard day. It's also a great way to start the day feeling fresh and comfortable. With so many shower heads to choose from, knowing which one to buy can be a challenge.

This guide will look at some of the shower heads that are most in demand in the tropics. If they are good enough for use in the tropics, then they are good enough to be used anywhere in the world.

Large Shower Head

Some of the best shower heads for use in the tropics or hot weather are large shower heads. These have a lot more jets than a standard shower head. As a result they aren't as powerful as a regular power shower which makes them much more relaxing. A large shower head provides a very refreshing experience which will keep you feeling fresh no matter how hot it gets.

Ceiling Mounted Shower Head

If you are renovating your whole bathroom then you might want to consider having a ceiling mounted shower head installed. These are very luxurious and will make your bathroom feel much more like a hotel room. These ceiling mounted shower heads are installed in the ceiling cavity with all of the plumbing hidden out of sight. This creates a very good look and also makes a comfortable shower.

Ceiling mounted shower heads are quite difficult to install. This means that they aren't typically part of a DIY bathroom renovation project. If you want a ceiling mounted shower head then consider hiring a professional plumber to safely install the shower.

Walk in Wet Room

Most people have shower cubicles or self contained showers in their bathroom. However, in the tropics most people find it easier to build a wet room. This gives you much more space to move around and shower in comfort. There is also more space to change and dry off after the shower. Wet rooms are normally tiled all over the walls and floor to make them fully waterproof.

Waterfall Shower Head

Waterfall shower heads are very popular in hot climates because they can cool you down quickly and make you feel comfortable. These have a large shower head which provides a refreshing and invigorating shower experience. Many waterfall shower heads also feature smaller handheld shower heads as well. These can be removed and used to rinse off your body while showering. This provides the best of both worlds.

Rainfall Shower Head

A rainfall shower head is very similar to a waterfall shower head. These can be either square or round shower heads and provide a gentle stream of warm water. This will allow you to relax while you are having your shower.

All over Body Shower

If you are looking for a great way to keep yourself clean then you might want to invest in an all over body shower. These showers have lots of different gets which aim at your body. They will massage and wash you at the same time.

Material and Finish

Shower heads are typically available in a chrome, stainless steel, two tone, brass or painted finish. Most people will choose the stainless or chrome versions of the shower heads since they go with any type of decor. It is important to consider your own bathroom and what type of shower head you would like to fit.

Powering the Shower

If you are lucky enough to live in the tropics, then you might not need to worry about heating the water. For the rest of us though, you will want to choose a shower which is compatible with your current heating system.

Most of the large shower heads, including rainfall shower heads are not compatible with electric showers. Instead these are plumbed directly into your hot and cold water supply. You will need to ensure that your furnace is capable of providing enough hot water for these shower heads. This is because some of them can use a lot more water than a conventional shower head.

Many of the modern shower heads not only do a great job of keeping you clean, but they also look fantastic. There's no need to compromise between style and useful features.



Understanding The Features And The Essential Options Of The Latex Mattress; Latex Mattress Review


The latest latex mattress reviews considerably show them as the most loved and the most satisfactory types of mattresses among those who use them and essentially make them an item of importance, they are thus rated the second best types of mattresses in terms of the satisfaction they give their users.


Instead of the use of traditional air and springs technology that is used in most traditional mattresses, Latex mattresses are essentially made up of the sap from the rubber tree that is collected and processed. Latex mattress reviews show that this makes the Latex mattress much more comfortable and in the process make the mattress durable, comfortable and the best type of mattress from those that suffer from back pains.


There exists three different types of Latex that exist and despite the fact that they all contain the same comfortable and much needed spongy feeling that is associated with the mattress, latex mattress review have shown that they actually differ much in terms of price, quality and the overall satisfaction derived from the use of each.


The natural kind of latex mattress is the mattress made up of of the natural milky and soft fluid that actually is the serum of the rubber tree. The fluid of the rubber tree is collected by a process known as tapping that involves making small cuts to the rubber tree and collecting the serum as it flows and then refining it using an appropriate processing method.Latex mattress reviews show that as compared to the others, the cost is relatively high and thus it is difficult to find such mattresses in retail outlets.

Man Made

In this case, polymerization is applied to a monomer to create a material that essentially behaves like the serum from the rubber tree. Latex mattress reviews indicate the actual availability of the mattress as it costs less than the natural mattress and essentially serves the same purpose though in the long run is less durable than its natural competitor.


This is a mixture of the natural and man made latex that are used to make the mattress in given proportions as the mixture of both is actually quite cost effective. Latex mattress reviews indicate that the kind of mattress is actual available in many localities at very pocket friendly prices and in essence is the most purchased in comparison to its competitors.

Latex Mattress Reviews

Placing latex over foam shows that the mattress is much more comfortable and also makes the mattress to be cheaper which makes the showing of such mattress as the highest appreciated. The best way to choose the best mattress is to investigate and check on the material actually used so as to ensure the quality demanded meets the utility and at the same time is affordable to the buyer of the particular Latex mattress in question and what the mattress actually gives to the consumer.

Advantages of Latex Mattress Reviews

  • -show the exact composition
  • -indicate market appreciation
  • -rate the mattress
  • -direct the consumer

Disadvantages of Latex Mattress Reviews

  • -determine buying of a mattress
  • -lead to disregard of certain types of mattresses can cause consumer refute of a brand