Allagash Wilderness Waterway Adventure – September 2011

Allagash Wilderness Waterway - A view above Allagash Falls

This is the view above Allagash Falls from the portage take out just before sunset. Water. Lots of water. Moose.

Allagash Wilderness Waterway - Lake Loons on Round Pond

Lake Loons on Round Pond. From Back Channel campsite.

The Adirondacks – Canoeing at Raquette Lake, NY

Camper Jim paddling on Raquette Lake New York

Our day starts in a misty fog in mid September. We seem to have beaten the crowds by starting out after the Summer rush.

The state-maintained lean-to campsites around the lake are really beautiful – and we had almost total privacy. One tip, paddle to the campsite early and stake your claim. A lot of paddlers passed us by looking for our spot on the big island. Getting there early gave us lots of relax time and food preparation time. Seems like we do a lot of food prep on camping trips. We’ll discuss preparing gourmet campsite meals elsewhere. I think it’s enough to say, “we eat pretty well while camping.”

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